Fair Catch by Cindy Roland Anderson

Hello Romantics!

I know I’m a day late this week! However, I promise this book was definitely worth the wait!!!

Fair Catch by Cindy Roland Anderson is a contemporary romance telling the story of Ellie Garrett and Nick Coulter America’s most eligible bachelor and newly retired football player superstar.

Ellie is a single mother who’s cheating ex-husband left her right after she gave birth to their son, Cade. Four years later she definitely has issues trusting men and doesn’t think she is good enough to keep a man around anyway.  Her match making neighbor, Betsy, of course has other plans for her. Especially, when she finds out the identity of their new mysterious neighbor!

Nick had become jaded by his life in the public eye but after an accident took the life of his best friend, Nick realizes just how precious life is and decides to make some personal changes. One of which, is re-dedicating his life to God and making sure that his “star-power” is used to help under privileged kids.

To accomplish these things, Nick decides to move to Colorado and start his non-profit youth camps. Not to long after moving into his new neighborhood he meets his new beautiful blonde neighbor on the nearby running track.

After a lot of persistence, Nick finally persuades the very skittish Ellie to go out with him.  Everything is going along very nicely for the pair when Ellie’s ex-husband, Thomas, pops into the picture trying to make Ellie’s life miserable.  (Why the dude should be jealous is beyond me? I mean he left her, not the other way around! Some men are just crazy.)

Just as Ellie and Nick have decided to overcome the obstacles Thomas tries to throw their way, tragedy strikes! Cade is kidnapped and Thomas blames Nick’s stardom for endangering his son.

Who stole Cade? Will Nick and Ellie ever see him again? Will Thomas always be a thorn in their sides?

You’ll have to read the book to find out!

Fair Catch

Re-readability Rating:

4 out of 5 stars

Easy read great for a lazy day or ignore your responsibilities day 😉

Romance Rating:

4 out of 5 stars

Great banter, lovely kissing scenes, suspense, drama, and angst. A tiny bit repetitive towards the beginning but still a fun and delightful read. Very likable characters (except Thomas of course!)


The Rancher by Kelli Ann Morgan

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Hello Romantics!

Have you ever heard the saying,”You can’t judge a book by its cover?”  Most of the time that statement is an out an out lie. As a personal lover of Clean Romance novels, I know If I see a bare chested man on the cover it is definitely going to have at least one sex scene or lewd innuendo somewhere in the book.

…Or is it?

Now I will tell you I only downloaded the book after reading the reviews on the Amazon page. If I hadn’t The Rancher by Kelli Ann Morgan would have never made it onto my kindle.

The Rancher is the first book in a series called the Redbourne Series. The series follows the love lives of the Redbourne brothers.  First up is Cole Redbourne

Cole had a very dear friend who died a few years back whose dying wish to Cole was for him to go find his sweetheart, Abigail McCallister, and let him know that he never forgot her and that he loved her till his dying day.

Abigail, Abby to her friends, has been waiting for her long-lost love to come back and marry her but her time of waiting is up.  Her father has told her that if she doesn’t marry by Friday morning that she will be shipped off to live with her aunt.  You see Abby is not your average woman.  She is more comfortable in men’s clothes and using a gun than wearing a dress and having tea in the parlor.

Abby has decided to take her father’s challenge to heart and goes to the nearest town, dressed in her mother’s wedding dress and announces that she is looking for a husband.

Cole has just entered the town after riding in from Kansas and see’s a pretty redhead declaring that she is looking for a husband.  Imagine his shock when he finds out that she is the same woman his dead friend sent him to find?

Not knowing what else to do, Cole decides to marry Abby.

Will Cole and Abby be able to make their marriage work? What about the mysterious happenings going on around the area, who is behind the accidents?  Are Cole and Abby really married?

Make sure you read the book to find out!

 The Rancher (Redbourne Series #1 – Cole’s Story)

Re-Readability Rating:

3 out of 5 stars

I’ve gone back and read a few parts about twice maybe since I first read it back in September.

Romance Rating:

4 out of 5 stars

Very nice kiss scenes, a few times the story dragged for me but all in all good clean romance. Even with a bare-chested man on the cover. (Nice abs by the way)

True Devotion by Dee Henderson

Hello Romantics!

I know I told you all that this blog is mostly to spotlight independent authors but, there are times when a professionally produced book gets me too excited for words!

True Devotion by Dee Henderson is one of those books. Since this is a blog I guess I better find some words to explain this action packed romance.

This is the story of Kelly and Joe:

Kelly’s husband, Nick, was a Navy Seal who was killed three years ago during a mission.  Joe was Nick’s best friend and commanding officer. The day he came home from the mission injured and with the news of loosing his best friend nearly killed him.

Fast forward 3 years to the opening of the book. Kelly is a life guard on duty when she notices two teenage boys are caught in a  riptide.  She quickly moves into action with her partner to go out and save the boys. Unfortunately, Kelly also gets caught in the riptide and she and the boy she is rescuing, Ryan are caught in the ocean trying to tread water and stay alive.

Joe and some of the other Seals are called out to help with the rescue efforts. When Joe finds them Kelly is exhausted and barely conscious but utters three fateful words that changes their friendship forever: “I love you.”

Nice opening right!?!

The twist to this little romance is that the man responsible for killing her husband and injuring Joe is still out there unpunished and is once again stealing and selling weapons only this time, Raider, is closer to home than they all know.

Now, I’m an Army brat so some of the military lingo made sense to me but Ms. Henderson did provide a glossary to help out some of us civilians who are a little slow on the uptake. 😉

So will Kelly and Joe end up together? Can Kelly once again give her heart to an active duty Seal knowing that he could be taken away from her? Can Joe find the man that killed his best friend and make a relationship work between himself and Kelly?

You’ll have to read to find out!

True Devotion

Re-readability Rating:

3.5 stars out of 5

Read it last summer and every once and a while I have to go back for a refresher.

Romance Rating:

4 out of 5 stars

Some lovely kissing scenes.