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Hello Romantics!

This is my first Blog hop and I’m excited to welcome you all here to Cause Everyone Needs Romance. My blog is a book review blog for Christian and Clean Romance novels.

Over the last year I’ve read many books and when I tried to figure out what book to talk about for this hop one of the first books that came to mind was a book by this week’s author/book reviewThe Reluctant Guardian by Kristy K. James.

The story starts with the appearance of a brother and sister moving to Charleston, SC from the north during the days of slavery.

Adam and Devon have inherited a plantation that has been left to ruin by their grandfather. In the will, they have three years to fix the place up and make a profit or they lose the property to their neighbor Tristan who has been appointed their guardian in the will.

Interesting start to the plot isn’t it? Course as things progress through the story Devon and Tristan fall in love and get married but they have a few obstacles to face on their journey.

Devon is a loving older sister to Adam but she has “ghosts” in her pass stemming from the loss of most of their family in a fire. The traumatic experience keeps her from opening up at first. While Tristan on the other hand has been “burned” too many times by their grandfather, Lucas was a cheat and liar. Tristan is convinced that the heirs have to be the same.

When Tristan discovers that the property that he has been waiting for is finally within his reach he decides the best way to treat the situation is to endear himself to the heirs. Although he starts out with the worst of intentions spending time with the siblings starts to open his heart and shows him what real love could be like.

In fact, Tristan realizes that even though Lucas meant to cause hurt and harm to the three of them in his last will and testament, Lucas actually gave them love and friendship.

Devon finds her home in Tristan’s love and Tristan finds his home not in the property he has wanted to obtain but in the love and friendship of Devon and Adam.

Well Romantics, that is a short synopsis of  The Reluctant Guardian. To read the rest of the story click on the link below.

Reluctant Guardian

Also make sure to stop by the interview I did with Kristy and leave a comment so you can enter for a chance to win a digital copy of  her book:

Winners will be announced next week on Thursday!

Thanks for visiting Cause Everyone Needs Romance and make sure to enter for one of the grand prizes at the link below as well as visit all the other bloggers!

Have a romantic weekend!

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