Not His Type by Lisa Crane

Hello Romantics!

I missed posting last week!

I have no excuse I just ran out of time and before I realized it Wednesday had come and gone.

This week though I’m back with a delightful read by Lisa Crane called Not His Type.

Brooke Valentine is a young woman working two jobs and going to school trying to get her business degree.  She’s had some hard times between her grandfather’s long illness, a father who took off after she was born and a mother who is a stripper for a living and wasn’t around much during her growing up, she has become a remarkably strong woman.

Travis Cooper has just bought a parcel of land from Brooke and is building a house next to hers. Due to some negligence on the part of some of his construction crew, Brooke has a terrible, near fatal accident in front of his home. Travis comes to her rescue and rushes Brooke to the hospital.

While waiting to find out her condition, Travis learns more about his quiet little neighbor. Like the fact that her first name is Bunny and that her mother is demanding money from her.

Feeling responsible for Brooke’s accident and the loss of one of her jobs Travis decides to pay for Brooke’s expenses and help her out as much of possible.  Of course, Brooke is so used to doing things on her own she fights him almost every step of the way.

Things get interesting, however, when out of the blue Travis kisses Brooke one night when she is helping him with his books for his security business! (That kiss was amazing!!!!!!)

The biggest problem though is that Travis insists that Brooke isn’t his type. He’s always dated the long-legged, professional, fashionably dressed type of woman. This petite, spunky brunette couldn’t possibly be the woman for him…or is she?

Will Travis see Brooke as the woman of his dreams? Will Brooke ever see herself as the beautiful woman she is? Sounds like you’ll have to read the book to find out!


Not His Type (Opposites Attract, Book 1) (An Opposites Attract Romance)

Re-Readability Rating:

4 out of 5 stars

This story has definitely made it onto my list of books that I enjoy reading again and again.

Romance Rating:

4 out of 5 stars

Great Kiss scenes. Loved the end!!!! The epilogue was quite lovely as well.


4 thoughts on “Not His Type by Lisa Crane

  1. Lisa Crane says:

    Shineka, thank you so much for your lovely review! I just kind of stumbled across it (I stumble across a lot of good things – I’m blessed that way, lol.). You are exactly the reader for whom I write, and I’ll keep writing as long as God keeps blessing me with ideas. And really … can you ever run out of ideas for romance? 😉

    • Oh that is so cool! If I have way to contact an author I send them a link. Since I didn’t know of one for you I of course didn’t send one. It’s always so great how God puts things and people together. I personally don’t think you can ever run out of ideas for romance. 🙂

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