Not His Type by Lisa Crane

Hello Romantics!

I missed posting last week!

I have no excuse I just ran out of time and before I realized it Wednesday had come and gone.

This week though I’m back with a delightful read by Lisa Crane called Not His Type.

Brooke Valentine is a young woman working two jobs and going to school trying to get her business degree.  She’s had some hard times between her grandfather’s long illness, a father who took off after she was born and a mother who is a stripper for a living and wasn’t around much during her growing up, she has become a remarkably strong woman.

Travis Cooper has just bought a parcel of land from Brooke and is building a house next to hers. Due to some negligence on the part of some of his construction crew, Brooke has a terrible, near fatal accident in front of his home. Travis comes to her rescue and rushes Brooke to the hospital.

While waiting to find out her condition, Travis learns more about his quiet little neighbor. Like the fact that her first name is Bunny and that her mother is demanding money from her.

Feeling responsible for Brooke’s accident and the loss of one of her jobs Travis decides to pay for Brooke’s expenses and help her out as much of possible.  Of course, Brooke is so used to doing things on her own she fights him almost every step of the way.

Things get interesting, however, when out of the blue Travis kisses Brooke one night when she is helping him with his books for his security business! (That kiss was amazing!!!!!!)

The biggest problem though is that Travis insists that Brooke isn’t his type. He’s always dated the long-legged, professional, fashionably dressed type of woman. This petite, spunky brunette couldn’t possibly be the woman for him…or is she?

Will Travis see Brooke as the woman of his dreams? Will Brooke ever see herself as the beautiful woman she is? Sounds like you’ll have to read the book to find out!


Not His Type (Opposites Attract, Book 1) (An Opposites Attract Romance)

Re-Readability Rating:

4 out of 5 stars

This story has definitely made it onto my list of books that I enjoy reading again and again.

Romance Rating:

4 out of 5 stars

Great Kiss scenes. Loved the end!!!! The epilogue was quite lovely as well.


The Random Acts of Cupid by Amanda Tru

Happy Valentines Day Romantics!

I know, I know. I usually post on Wednesdays but I have a few good reasons for posting today instead of two days ago.

Reason 1) Weather!!!!  During Tuesday and Wednesday I was in the middle of an ice storm and lost power.

Reason 2) Today’s Valentine’s Day why not post on one of the most romantic days of the year!

So for this week’s offering I bring to you The Random Acts of Cupid by Amanda Tru

In this sweet novella we meet Elise as a high school student trying desperately to find her friend Chandra before she embarrasses herself thanking her high school crush Damon for sending flowers that he didn’t send.

You see in there little group for each others birthday they play a practical joke on each other.  For Chandra’s joke, Elise sent some flowers and signed Damon’s name. How was Elise supposed to know that she wasn’t going to figure it out?

After racing through the hallways looking for Chandra, Elise finds her behind a tree kissing Damon!

Fast forward 10 years and we find Elise being bothered by her friend Britney to fix her up with Ryan Jenkins. Over the years, Elise has been secretly fixing up people around the college she works at and a story of a Cupid has hit the newspapers.  Only two people know the identity of this Mysterious Cupid is in actuality is Elise.

Elise tells her she will think about it but she doesn’t believe they will be a great match.

The next day, Elise is confronted by Ryan when he finds out that flowers were sent to Britney and someone has signed his name! After tracking down the florist and finding out that the flowers were ordered on Elise’s account, Ryan tells her that he knows she is Cupid and that he is going to expose her to the newspapers!

To try to keep that from happening Elise convinces him to give her 24 hours to prove that she isn’t trying to play with people’s lives and that in her own way she is just trying to help these people find love.

Will Elise be able to convince Ryan not to out her?  Will Elise find love for herself? Did Elise really send the flowers to Britney? 😉

You’ll have to find out for yourself!

The Random Acts of Cupid (Christian Romance)

Re-Readability Rating:

4 out of 5 Hearts

Such a cute and lovely read that I can’t help but read it again and again!

Romance Rating:

5 out of 5 Hearts

Oh man I’ve got to meet a man like…Oh wait I’ll give up the ending if I say who!?! But I will say he’s quite a kisser!

…And the winners are!


Hello Dear Romantics!

Normally, I post winners on a separate page from the reviews but I didn’t have a review ready for this week so I’m using this week’s post for the grand reveal.

Can you feel the excitement in the room? Well, after my very scientific method of picking 2 winners, putting names in a bowl and having someone draw the names for me, the winners are…wait for it….

Kristy K. James


Luthien 84!!!!!

Congrats Ladies!!!!!

Mary Jane will be contacting you soon about delivering your prize(s).

I’ll see y’all next week with another great review!