Miss Moseley the Matchmaker by Caylen McQueen

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Hello Romantics!

Next week is my 35th Birthday!!!!    Too excited!  Yes, I’m that person who still gets excited about their birthday.  So in preparation for my own personal holiday (yes, I truly do think this way.) , Here is a lovely sweet short story I found.

Miss Moseley the Matchmaker by Caylen McQueen

In this lovely novella Molly Moseley, a hopeless romantic,  is well-known as a matchmaker among her friends and family but, unfortunately for herself she hasn’t been able to make a successful match for herself.  With her being 30 years old she is pretty much considered an old maid for the times. (Funny how times change a lot of women these days don’t get married until their 30’s)

Molly is in love with her best friend Lord Rocksavage. They’ve been friends since childhood and she’s secretly loved him all this time.  After coming home from a visit in town (Imagine calling London a town.) Lord Rocksavage comes to Molly to ask her to find him a wife!

Can you just imagine the heartache that has to come with that Request!?!

So after some internal struggle Molly agrees to help him find a wife.  After two misses, Molly hits gold with Ms. Iris Crawford.  A beautiful, blonde who is constantly surrounded by suitors. Lord Rocksavage falls for her right away and Molly is left eating her heart out…or is she?  Ms. Crawford is the ward of her uncle, an older gentleman by the name of Julian Crawford.

Will Molly be able to get over her love for Lord Rocksavage? Will Julian Crawford be able to win Molly’s heart? Has Lord Rocksavage truly fallen for Iris Crawford?

All good questions! But you’ll have to read the book to find the answers!

Miss Moseley the Matchmaker


3 out of 5 stars

Great short read for anytime you need something a little sappy.

Romance Rating:

3 out of 5 stars

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