Once Upon A Prince by Rachel Hauck

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Hello My Dear Romantics!

So back at work at my day job and back to work telling you about some of my fabulous finds!

So you already know I love Cinderella (Don’t groan I’m not doing another Cinderella remake book.) But I’m also a closet royal watcher.

(Gasp! What’s this you say!?!)

Yes, it’s true I have a slight fascination with royalty. I actually woke up around 5 am in the morning to watch Will and Kate get married. (Which is saying something. I don’t like getting up early for anything)

I also saw the famous double kiss on the balcony. The whole wedding took my breath away.

Now I’m sure you’re asking, “Why is she telling me all this?”

Because this week’s pick is about royalty!

Once Upon A Prince by Rachel Hauck

What girl doesn’t dream of the day when her long time (12 yrs long) boyfriend calls her out to the beach to talk to her? She’s expecting to finally be asked the question every single girl waits to hear. “Will you marry me?”

Unfortunately, for Susana Truitt she gets, “I found the right ring, but not the right girl.”

That’s right after 12 years of waiting for her Marine Captain boyfriend, Adam Peters, comes home from his last tour of duty to tell her that he doesn’t love her and can’t marry her.

Isn’t that a lovely way to end your day?

After that awful conversation Susana goes for a drive around her home town of St. Simons Island, GA to think and process her life choices. She drives to her favorite spot the Lovers Oak on Prince Avenue and ends up with a flat tire.

There on the island for a vacation/official visit is the Crowned Prince of Briton (fictitious country) at the cusp of taking on the throne from his ill and dying father. Nathaniel is about to become king during a time of great upheaval in his country and he’s not sure if he is up to the task. So he goes for a drive to find a fair damsel in distress trying to ward off a vagrant and change her flat tire.

Nathaniel of course stops and pays off the man to leave her alone and then proceeds to help her with her tire. because e doesn’t want her to know he is royalty just yet he introduces himself as Nate Kenneth.

For Nate though meeting  Susanna is love at first sight! (I know only in fairy tales and books but it just makes me want to sigh anyway)

Susanna leaves and has some curiosity about the foreign stranger but is sure she will never see him again. Then to her surprise she literally runs into him again a few days later at a huge hospital benefit/fundraiser, While trying to find her boss so that she can get him to take her to the hospital to see her father who has just had a heart attack.

I can’t tell you anymore because I will have told you the whole book right here! What fun would that be?

Will Nate ever tell Susanna who he really is? Will Susanna fall in love with Nathaniel? Will Nathaniel be able to make the right choices for his country during its time of political upheaval?

You’ll have to read the book to find out!!!!!

Once Upon a Prince (Royal Wedding Series)

Re-readability Rating:

5 out of 5 stars

I read this so many times over my vacation I couldn’t put it down!

Romance Rating:

4 out of 5 stars

Very cute dialog between the characters and the kiss at the end was so worth waiting for!

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