A Country Kitchen Christmas by Leanne Tyler

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Merry Christmas Romantics!

I hope you all are having a joyous and peaceful holiday with your friends and family. I know I am enjoying my vacation time away from work. So glad to know I’ve survived another Christmas Shopping season working in retail.

For your Holiday enjoyment I bring to you a quick read called A Country Kitchen Christmas by Leanne Tyler.

When this story opens Penelope is finishing off a blog post for a local cooking network’s website. She has been passing off her memories of her Aunt’s decorating and recipes as her own. The only problem is Penelope can’t cook! The only one who knows her secret is her best friend Dana, a producer at the network.

To Dana’s and Penelope’s dismay the new CEO of the network has decided to run an online contest where the prize is the chance to have Christmas dinner cooked for them by their very popular food blogger Penelope! Not only can’t Penelope cook but the house she has been posting pictures of on her blog was sold six years ago! The only way to cover their tracks is to contact the owner and see if he will consent to let them use his house.

Wait a minute I just said “he” didn’t I? Oh yes dear romantics enter our love interest Derek. He was a shy fellow high school student of Penelope who instead of going off to college bought Penelope’s family farm instead as a way of showing her how much he loved her. Only of course Penelope didn’t really know him in high school and had no idea of how he really felt about her. Once Penelope temporarily moves into her old house and starts her cooking lessons with Derek, things start to turn a little in Derek’s favor.

Will Penelope and Derek become an item? Will Penelope and Dana be able to keep their jobs? Why is the networks CEO so involved with the contest.?

Sounds like you need to read the book to find out!

A Country Kitchen Christmas

Re-readability Rating:

3 out of 5 stars

I’ve read it a few times since first purchasing it last year.

Romance Rating:

3 out of 5 stars

Some very sweet kissing scenes and some cute banter between the characters.

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