Merry Humbug Christmas by Sandra Bricker

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OMG Romantics!!! Christmas is next Wednesday! Can you believe it!?!

The crowds are getting thicker at the mall, tempers seem to be getting shorter, and I need all the clean, laugh out loud romance novellas I can get.

Enter Merry Humbug Christmas by one of my favorite authors Sandra Bricker! The reason why this book is a winner is because you get 2 novella’s for the price of one!

The first story is about Joselyn Snow, Formerly Merry Christmas Snow. (She had her name changed to Joselyn when she turned 25) When the story starts Joselyn, Joss is at a coffee shop with her best friend Reese excited about telling her their plans for their annual skip Christmas vacation.  Unbeknownst to her Reese is about to end their little tradition by telling her she is now engaged and is spending the holidays with her fiance and his family. So Joss decides to keep up the tradition and go on the Bah Humbug cruise by herself. Once she gets to the dock to check onto her ship she finds out that her cruise was cancelled and she has been booked onto another cruise.

To her chagrin the new cruise is called the Twelve Days of Christmas Cruise! That’s right ladies and gentlemen, This cruise is nothing but Christmas! How does a girl who is trying to avoid the holidays end up on a cruise that does nothing but celebrate Christmas!?! This plot twist is just a set up for some splendid craziness and did I mention that there is a handsome Irishman who appears on the scene?

The second novella is the story of how Reese and her Fiance, Damian spend the holidays.  

This Christmas is the first time that Reese is meeting her soon to be in-laws.  The trip doesn’t start off the greatest when on the way to his families winter retreat they end up hitting a deer! (Let me just add my two cents in here, Hitting a dear is no picnic!!!! I know, I’ve been there and its a harrowing experience)

They have to hike about 2 miles in snow and freezing temperatures. Of course Reese is a bit of a girlie girl and she was wearing 4 and half-inch suede louboutin boots. (Oh the horror!)

Then there is the incident where she runs over one of Damien’s brother’s foot and a plethora of many other accidents.

Will Reese and Joss survive the Christmas holidays? Will Joss once again learn to love Christmas? Will Reese be able to form a loving relationship with her soon to be in-laws?

Hmm…Sounds like you’ll have to read the book to find out!

Merry Humbug Christmas

Re-Readability Rating:

4 out of 5 stars

So going in to my regular reads rotation!

Romance Rating:

5 out of 5 stars

Lots of great romance between the two stories. Some really good kissing scenes too!

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Shop Amazon – Holiday Gift Cards with a Free Gift Box and Free One-Day Shipping


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