Fixed in the Tempest by Charmain Brackett

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Happy early Thanksgiving my Dear Romantics!!!

I believe that everyday we should stop and count all of our blessings big and small! However on Thanksgiving Day as we are gathering around the table with friends and family I hope we are doubly reminded of just how wonderful our lives truly are.

Today, I have the honor of reviewing/introducing to you a new release from my friend, Charmain Brackett. The name of her newest masterpiece is called Fixed in the Tempest. You may have seen some of her other work in the Dystopian genre, a 3 book series called the Key of Elyon. This book is her first foray into Contemporary Literature.

Fixed in the Tempest is different from most of my picks in that this story highlights a couple who is already married.

Lisa and Tom have had over 20 years of what Lisa thinks is a blissful marriage. Lisa has been primarily a stay at home mom while working for the local newspaper on a part-time basis. Tom has been a wonderful provider, loving husband, and great father to their two children.  But not all is well in their little world.

As the story opens Lisa and Tom are taking their youngest to college. Lisa is now facing an empty nest and her job at the newspaper has come to an end. Tom seems to be spending more and more time at the office and she isn’t sure what to think anymore.

A few months before taking Lisa to college Tom was in a terrible accident with a teenage driver.  Unfortunately, there wasn’t anything he could do to help save the driver, a young girl about the same age as their daughter, Brittany. To deal with the pain and stress Tom turns to alcohol. Which opens up some very painful memories.

Instead of talking to Lisa and trying to get some help for himself, Tom ends up having an affair with a younger woman.

Will Lisa be able to forgive Tom for his infidelity? Will Tom be able to get his life back together? Can Lisa get back in touch with her first love?

You’ll have to read the book to find out!!!

Fixed in the Tempest releases November 30th at the Book Tavern located in downtown Augusta, GA for any local fans and the e-book version will be live December 1st!


Make sure to follow Charmain on Facebook @ Author Page, on her blog @Charmain’s Blog, and on Twitter @CZBrackett


Re-readability Rating:

3 out of 5 stars

Will put on my short list of books I like to read several times over.

Romance Rating:

3 out of 5 stars

Some nice kiss scenes. A great story of redemption.


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