Love at First Date by Susan Hatler

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Hello Romantics!

I’m back with another great read that will be sure to make you happy!

This week’s pick is a sweet little short story called Love at First Date by Susan Hatler

Love at First Date is actually the first book in a series called Better Date than Never. The series follows a group of women who are all friends in the Sacramento area. First up is Ellen a very practical, no-nonsense, very pragmatic type of girl who, after watching her mother’s failed relationships, turns to online dating to find her perfect match. She has narrowed the field down to two men whom she decides to have her first face to face dates with.

While trying to figure out who to go out with first her best friend Rachel asks her for a big favor…watch her pure bred beagle puppy, Chester, while she goes on a date.

Now, for those of you like me, people who see animals as just what they are, umm animals, you will probably see this as a little bit of a ridiculous request. However, for those people who see their pets as children, (I personally don’t get it.) this request makes perfect sense.

Ellen happens to fall in the first category but allows herself to be talked into baby-sitting because this is the first time Rachel has wanted to go on a date in about a year since her jerk of an ex-boyfriend cheated on her with Rachel’s hair stylist.

After returning from a little walk with Chester, Ellen turns to make herself dinner and answer some emails when he hears a ghastly choking noise. Chester, has gotten into her purse and is choking on something he’s stolen out of it!

In a panic, Ellen quickly looks up the closest Emergency Veterinarian Hospital and takes off.

Ellen rushes into the hospital sees a bunch of people in the waiting room but doesn’t see anyone at the receptionist’s desk. Not knowing what else to do she starts yelling for a doctor trying to find someone to help the wayward dog. One of the patrons comes forward and volunteers to assist. Tall, handsome Henry to the rescue! After, examining Chester’s mouth. Henry pulls out a wad of blonde hair. It seems Chester tried to make a snack out of the hair stuck in Ellen’s hairbrush. (Ewww…gross!!!)

With death averted Chester goes on to create a little havoc in the waiting room while Ellen thanks Henry for saving the life of her friends dog. She then finds out that everyone there is waiting for an obedience training class for their pets and on a whim (as well as a way to get to know Henry better) Ellen decides to join the class.

Will Ellen give Henry a chance even though he hasn’t gone through her online screening process? What about the two guys she’s been emailing? Will Chester ever learn how to behave?

You’ll have to read the book to find out!

Love at First Date (Better Date than Never)

Re-Readability Rating:
3 out of 5 stars
It’s such a short read that I have read it through a couple of times already.

Romance Rating:
4 out of 5 stars
I love the final kiss at the end. A great pick me up after a long day at work.


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