Sandwich with a Side of Romance By Krista Phillips

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Hello Romantics!

I’m back with another book I think you’ll all enjoy. 🙂

This week’s pick is a quirky little book called Sandwich With a Side of Romance.

This book is the story of Madison Buckner and Reuben Callahan.

Madison aka Maddie is a reformed juvenile deliquent trying to turn her life around in the small town of  Sandwich. It’s her first day on the job as a hair dresser in the Cut ‘N’ Style and she already wants to strangle her boss who doesn’t seem to want to let her touch a single client.

During  Ms. Judy’s lunch break A handsome stranger, Ruben Callahan, comes in to get his hair cut. Unfortunately, Ruben is exhausted from working long days at his restaurant and dozes off in the chair just as Maddie is going in to start cutting his hair.

As you have probably imagined that was a combination for an accidental bad haircut!

Ms. Judy of course doesn’t play when it comes to new stylists if you mess up a clients hair while on probation you are instantly FIRED!!!!

So Maddie’s first day on the job instantly becomes her last.  Since it wasn’t totally her fault she decides to wait until Ruben comes out of the shop after Ms. Judy has fixed his haircut and demands that he help her find a new job by sitting on his car.

Feeling a tiny bit responsible Ruben offers her a job as a waitress in his restaurant. Which turns into another comedy of errors since Maddie is an even worse waitress than she is hair stylist.  After some trial and error Maddie talks her way into becoming Ruben’s secretary/office manager.

Ruben and Maddie are attracted to each other however there is a slight wrinkle in this romance in that Ruben has a long time girlfriend by the name of Livy.

Now before you get all up in arms about cheating men and all that, you should know enough about me by now to know I don’t go in for all of that!

Ruben and Maddie honor his relationship with Livy.

So what happens between Livy and Ruben? Will Ruben and Maddie get together in the end? and who is the mysterious Kyle in Maddie’s life?

I guess you’ll have to read the book to find out!

Sandwich, With a Side of Romance

Re-readability Rating:

2 out of 5 stars

While I really liked the story I don’t think I’m gonna read it too many more times.

Romance Rating:

4 out of 5 stars

Great kissing scenes. Loved the quick dialog between Maddie and Ruben.

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An Interview with Rachael Anderson

Hello My Dear Romantics!!
So, today I’m relaunching my blog and I wanted to start off by interviewing a lovely author by the name of Rachael Anderson.
I read her book The Reluctant Bachelorette about a month ago and fell in love with the story! This book is Romantic Comedy at its best.  I had to go to Ms. Anderson’s web page as soon as I finished it to tell her how much I enjoyed her work.
I was so blessed to have her answer me and agree to an interview.  So without further ado (I’ve always liked that phrase), Welcome to the blog Ms. Rachael Anderson!
Hello Rachael!  Welcome to Cause Everyone Needs Romance.  For my romantics who aren’t familiar with you and your work please tell us a little about yourself.
Hey Shineka! Let me start with saying that I completely agree that everyone needs romance. Your blog name fits me to a T. I grew up loving to read, but I found that the more I read, the more picky I became. I liked fun, fast-paced stories. I liked snappy dialogue. I liked it when authors kept it clean (no language or sex scenes). I liked books that left me feeling good. And I found that happy endings were a MUST. Since those kind of titles are few and far between, I decided to start writing them myself. Fast forward a decade or so, and here I am–an author of fast-paced, upbeat romances with snappy dialogue and a whole lot of good, clean chemistry. 🙂
Who are your literary hero’s?
Hmm . . . that’s a tough one. I have read so many books that I’ve enjoyed and learned something from. Among my favorites are Jane Austin (shocker, I know :)), C.S. Lewis (the most brilliant writer ever!), Shannon Hale (the only way to describe her writing is lovely), and Janette Rallison (because she writes clean, fun, and upbeat romances–my fav.)
I don’t think I’ve ever asked an author this but what made you make the decision to write primarily clean romances?
What can I say? I love clean stories. I always have. I think there was a reason Christ taught using parables, and it’s because stories are powerful–they have the ability to motivate, teach, and influence. They have the power to lift people up or drag them down; the power to put good thoughts and feelings in a reader’s mind or negative thoughts and feelings.That’s a huge responsibility for a story-teller to realize, and one I don’t take lightly. Yes, I write to entertain. But I also write to uplift, inspire, and hopefully make this world a better place one story at a time. Because I feel so strongly about that, I keep my books clean and hopefully uplifting.
Now for your wonderful book, The Reluctant Bachelorette, Where did the idea for this story come from?
It started off with me reading about a smaller-scale online version of The Bachelorette/Bachelor TV series. I went to the website and spent an afternoon perusing past dates and came away thinking it would be fun to write about something like that. But there were a few things I wanted to change in my story: #1 – I didn’t want a willing bachelorette, and #2 – I didn’t want it to go the way of the real show, where it appears like the bachelor/bachelorette ends up sleeping with the final 3 dates–hate that! So I came up with my own version.
I’ve read books with a bachelor/bachelorette contest storyline before. What do you think makes your book standout from all the rest?
I’m not exactly sure, since I haven’t read too many myself, but I definitely wanted to make The Reluctant Bachelorette different from the TV version of the show. To do that, I turned the contest into a charitable fundraiser, threw in an unwilling bachelorette (and 1 unwilling bachelor), made it a public vote rather than the bachelorette’s decision, and wallah–a fresh spin on what’s becoming an old story in this world of reality TV.
Who would you say is your favorite character in this book and why?
Honestly, I love Jessa–which is funny because a lot of reviewers thought she was a horrible friend. But I loved her spunk, her love and loyalty of a town she ended up in by accident, and the way she always said what she thought and did what she wanted. She was a really fun character to write. Someday I’m going to get around to writing a sequel about Jessa’s life post Shelter’s Bachelorette, if only to show readers that she does have a softer side. 🙂
Of all the bachelors that were in your story who would you like to date and why?
Am I allowed to answer this since I’m happily married? 🙂 How about I tell you a little secret instead. The bachelor named Greg was actually based on a real person–one of my husband’s best friends. Just like the Greg in the book, my husband’s friend loves yard sales, is always looking for a good deal, wears wrinkled shirts (at least he did before he got married and his wife made him stop), and has a bizarre love of all things Neil Diamond. He’s been trying to get me to write him in as the hero of a book for years, and so I finally gave him a spot as one of the bachelors. The funny part is that when he and his wife read my book, she said, “Any chance I can trade you in for Luke?” 🙂 LOL
Personality question time!  When you were a kid what did you want to be when you grew up?
A secretary. Why? Because my dad’s company used to throw this amazing carnival every year that I ADORED. Since I didn’t think girls could be engineers (because the only engineer I knew was my dad), I decided to be a secretary instead. That way, I could always go to the carnivals every year.
Yes, I was that smart. 🙂
By the time I was ready to graduate HS, I changed my mind and ended up going into business instead. But I guess there wasn’t enough romance for me in the business world because now I’m a writer. And a mom. And I love it. 🙂
Rachael, I want to thank you so much for coming out and joining us today. Before you go, do you have any advice for any aspiring writers?
Thanks for having me, Shineka! As far as advice goes, I say if you love writing, learn all you can, write the best you can, and go for it! There’s nowhere to go but up!
Taycee is living in a farm community that is slowly dying and her wonderful friend Jessa is in charge of trying to create revenue to save the community.  Jessa’s idea, start an online Bachelorette contest where viewers pay to vote for the lucky Bachelors.  The problem is who should be the Bachelorette?
Why Taycee of course?  Only Taycee doesn’t know she’s been chosen until it’s too late to back out!!!
Then if matters couldn’t be any worse Taycee’s childhood crush Luke has moved back to town and is now one of the bachelors!
What’s a girl to do?  Will Taycee meet the man of her dreams? Or has she already met him?
You’ll have to read the book to find out!

The Reluctant Bachelorette (A Romantic Comedy)

Make sure you visit Ms. Anderson’s website
Re-readability Rating:
Definite 5 star rating
I’ve already gone back a re-read several parts over at least 4 times since reading it the first time.
Romance Rating:
5 Stars
It’s a Bachelorette contest so there are some nice kiss scenes but everything is extremely clean.
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