If the Shoe Fits by Sandra Bricker

Hello Romantics!

I’ve been a bad blogger recently. I’ve left you hanging. Waiting for the next great read and all I can do is apologize for my silence over the last few weeks.

If you are a reader of my personal blog I will be sure to explain some of my craziness in the next blog post there.

Today, however, I want to rave about a book that will be released this Saturday, June 1st!

The book is If The Shoe Fits by Sandra Bricker.

Now you might say, “Didn’t you just do a review of one of her books?”  The answer would be yes but when I get a book I like I have to tell people about it.

If The Shoe Fits is a modern retelling of my favorite fairy tale Cinderella!

Julianne (Cinderella) is an up and coming lawyer in Cincinnati. She is on her way to court in a rain storm when she comes to an abrupt stop because someone has stopped to save an injured dog.

All of a sudden the clouds part and a light shines on the tall handsome stranger carrying the dog. Julianne is now convinced that this is a sign. He had to be her “Prince Charming”.

Or is he?

What follows is a funny, laugh out loud story of Julianne discovering  that life isn’t a fairy tale and that “Prince Charming” could be the person she least expects.

Since this is a modern retelling of Cinderella, there isn’t magic or fairies but there are some great elements from the original story that is used.

Julianne has a fairy godmother in the guise of her best friend and style guru Suzanne. Who provides Julianne with her “glass slippers” for an big award ceremony, as well as a complete makeover for the big day and a stretch white limo.

The part of the evil step sisters is played by a rival lawyer by the name of Lacey. A woman who brings new meaning to the phrase “snide remarks”.

Then there is Prince Charming. Is he the Stranger who saved the injured dog or is he her other best friend Will? The man who has been in her life since childhood.

Seems to me you are going to have to read the book to find out!

If The Shoe Fits

Re-readability Rating:

4 out of 5 stars

I definitely see me pulling this book out many times to read and enjoy over and over again.

Romance Rating:

5 out of 5 stars

While there isn’t a lot of physical expressions of love. I felt the romance throughout the story.

Hold on before you leave!!!!

A Twitter Party in honor of If The Shoe Fits by Sandra D. Bricker which releases on 6/1/13.

During the twitter party you can ask Sandra a question or send her a comment.

Everyone who submits a question will be entered to win a prize. Winners will be drawn at random by author/author representatives.

Tweet your questions or comments to @SandieBricker

Use the hashtag #SandieBricker

Find out more about Sandra & her books at www.sandradbricker.com

The party starts at 9 pm EST on 6/4/13

Sandra Bricker Facebook Fan Page


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