The Marriage List by Dorothy McFalls

Hello My Dear Romantics!

First of all, I want to apologize for last weeks emptiness. Life was a little crazier than normal and It was Thursday before I even new what was happening.

That being said I wanted to make sure I came back with a winner this week. I believe I have with The Marriage List by Dorothy McFall.

In this regency tale, we have Radford the fourth Viscount of Evers. He has been severely injured in battle and is in Bath, England for a holiday to recover. His mother has told him that he must marry soon and produce some heirs to continue the family line.

While discussing the matter with his best friend he decides to make a list of qualities he will look for in his future wife.

Enter Ms. May Sheffers, a woman who is akin to being a pariah in the social elite of Bath. Her father is the product of a gypsy and a indiscreet English gentleman. And because of his family connections she is considered low class. She serves as a Lady’s Companion to her Aunt Lady Winifred.

May’s Uncle Sires has taken her inheritance. Leaving her unable to pay the rent on the cottage owned by Radford. The two are introduced when May forces her way into Radford’s study. An act that is highly improper for English society.

Even though May is not your typical beauty Radford cannot help being attracted to her. But she doesn’t fit his list. So Radford decides to move on to a local beauty, Lady Lillian.

After throwing herself on the mercy of Radford, May comes home to find her uncle and a stranger at her home. Sires has decided that May must marry in order to receive her inheritance back and he has chosen someone for her. A seventy year old gentleman farmer by the name of Tumblestone.

Through a series of events and chance meetings Radford and May fall in love but they are on the verge of committing themselves to other people because of outside pressures and circumstances.

Will Radford stick to his marriage list and marry Lady Lillian? Will May be forced into a marriage of convenience? What is Sires real motivation in this marriage?

You’ll have to read the book to find out!


The Marriage List

Re-readability rating:
3.75 stars

Romance Rating:
4 stars


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