An Interview with Mary L. Ball

Hello Romantics!
Today on the Blog I’d like to do something a little bit differently.  As some of you know I have done a few interviews with more established authors but I want to shine a light on a Newbie who has just joined the ranks of published authors!
I met Ms. Mary L. Ball through this blog and I have enjoyed getting to know her.  She has one published work through Prism Book Group and a new release coming out this summer. In today’s, interview I want all of you to get to know her and her thoughts on writing.
Welcome to the blog Ms. Mary Ball!
Thanks Shineka, It’s great to be part of your lovely blog. I look forward to meeting everyone.
Hi Mary! Thank you for joining us today. Since you are a relatively new kid on the block, tells us about yourself?
I don’t feel so new now, my first novel “Escape to Big Fork Lake” has been out since March 2012 and my second novel will be released this summer. I’m from NC, just a regular southern girl who loves to fish and read.  I have a very busy family life since I keep my grandson around the school schedule and step in to take care of my ailing mom as much as possible. Oh yea, and did I mention I sing gospel music with my husband as we have the time.  Shineka, you can bet in all the activity I find time in my schedule to write. I enjoy weaving stories together, that’s my biggest release from the hustle of life. 
What would you say are your biggest influences in your writing?
Every writer has a different answer, for me it’s a desire to show the world that even though life isn’t always fair, with the mercy of the Lord people can  move pass problems and be happy.
I know that you mostly write romantic suspense novels. What about that genre sparks your interest?
I love to read romantic suspense, so it’s only natural when I started writing the genre drew me in. I guess the reason I write that variety is because I believe we live in a challenging world where at times stressful things happen, situations often cross our paths that we must overcome. I’m also a romantic at heart, and believe circumstances are easier to handle with a love interest by your side. 
If you couldn’t write in the romantic suspense genre ever again, what other genres would you consider and why?
Mystery, which is the genre of my next novel, “Stone of Destiny” the story is spiced with romance of course, so that’s another option. 🙂  
For those of us that are still dreaming of being published, what was it like when you got your acceptance email/letter? Were you cool calm and collected or did you do some kind of crazy dance? and If you did a dance do you have a video of it? I think we’d all love to see it. 😉
Shineka, I remember I was getting ready to go out with my husband and decided to check my e-mail before I left. I was sitting on the sofa,(he was next to me in the he recliner.) I pulled up my mail and saw the response from Joan, the editor-in-chief  of Prism Book Group. I smiled and waved my hands in the air hubby looked at me in question. Then I yelled, “Thank you Jesus!Joan offered me a contract.” it was so wonderful. The offer to publish was a year and half in coming. Prism Book Group is great at giving new authors a chance to grow. 
You have a new release coming in the summer. What’s the title of it and give us a little synopsis of it?
Thanks for asking about my coming soon novel. The title is “Stone of Destiny”
The sapphire is said to symbolize mental clarity, faithfulness and truth. For centuries, the legion of the Harrison family revolved around a ring. The family stone believed to have divine favors that  transform lives-sometimes forever.
 Taylor has given up on everything but her work. After becoming the youngest CEO of Mugful’s Beverage Company, she believes life is complete. That is until her grandmother asks her to oversee renovations at the family home, in addition to searching for a missing heirloom.
 First contact with what she believes is an insignificant ring, lost for fifty years, sends her life spinning. Taylor experiences strange dreams. Feelings surface; she doesn’t understand; mere thoughts that should remain unspoken, are voiced. 
 Taylor’s emotional journey begins, testing a heart as cold as the ring itself-forcing her to question everything she believes.
 Is this a fairy-tale or her soul, reaching out for a different world, a life she can only find through faith and a divine trust in God?   
Mary it’s been great talking with you but before you go, do you have any advice for aspiring writers both near and far?
Yes, Build a website. They’re plenty of easy to maintain free sites out that will get you started. Showcase contents along with your coming soon novel. Scribe things on-line anywhere you can to build a presence. Never give up!~ Query and re-write , do it over and over, until you finally get a publisher to notice. It takes a while for a first time author to get an offer.  
 I re-wrote “Escape” about five times and sent off over fifty-five queries in a year and half time frame.
If you want to get to know Mary better be sure to check out her blog:
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12 thoughts on “An Interview with Mary L. Ball

  1. Nice. I enjoyed this interview.Good questions and interesting answers. Writing suspense requires a special talent, and Mary has it. Looking forward to the new one coming out. Escape to Big Fork had just the right amount of romance and plenty of suspense.

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