Allerednic: A Regency Cinderella Tale–In Reverse by Chautona Havig

Ask just about any Romantic what their favorite fairy tale is and most will probably say the story of Cinderella.

I mean it has it all! A wicked step mother, a poor girl who is actually rich but is bitterly mistreated and her inheritance stolen, A handsome Prince who falls in love with her and whisks her away to live happily ever after (sigh), and a Fairy God-mother who helped to bring it all together.

Now what happens when the stepmother is a loving woman, the father is still alive, the girl is still rich and holds a royal title, and the handsome prince isn’t a prince per se?

You get Allerednic!

Now you may ask how in the world could you still have the same classic story?

Well you don’t!  You have something totally different yet the same at the same time!

Since any description I would try and give wouldn’t quite do this book  justice I’m going to post the description straight from the Amazon page.

Lady Charlotte Eversley, heir of the Earl of Everston, has lived a charmed life. Wealthy, beautiful, and one day she will be a Countess in her own right. No mother has ever loved a daughter more. Her sisters admire and adore her, and of course, her father dotes on her. She is one of the most eligible ladies of the Season.

Mr. Jasper Seyton misses the country. Along with his trusted servant, Worley, he endures the delights of Town for one purpose. After three Seasons, he has little confidence in the so-called “Marriage Mart.”

They enjoy each other’s company, and her father approves. She knows he intends to propose. He knows that she will accept.

So where is she when he returns to Everston Hall, and why does she think there is no hope for happiness again?

Allerednic: Cinderella–reversed.

Now after reading this description I’m sure you are wondering what in the world could the plot twist be and where is the Fairy Godmother when you need her?

That my dear Romantics is why you need to read the book!

There are twists and turns throughout the plot and most importantly this book is also an illustration of God’s love for us.

So please click on the link below and download this wonderful book for yourself.

Allerednic: A Regency Cinderella Tale--In Reverse

Allerednic: A Regency Cinderella Tale–In Reverse

Re-readability Rating:

3.5 stars

I liked the story but would only read again every so often.

Romance Rating:

4 stars

Lots of simple romantic gestures, would suggest to younger readers, great allegory for God’s love


3 thoughts on “Allerednic: A Regency Cinderella Tale–In Reverse by Chautona Havig

  1. Well…I just borrowed this book from Amazon. It’s only the second book I’ve ever borrowed (mostly because I forget I can…and partly because I wasn’t sure how to ‘return’ the first). Anyway, I figured it out…and this will be third in line for a treadmill book.

    Now I’m going to play around and see if I can figure out how to log in under the right website. Here’s hoping I don’t lose the comment. LOL…’moving’ has certainly made life more interesting than I anticipated. 🙂

  2. As a Regency novel – this book bombed. NO woman can become a countess unless she marries an EARL – the daughter of one cannot become one when he dies. This is brought up as a plot point again and again in the book but if you are going to place this in a historical time, aka British Regency, then you need to respect the rules of the aristocracy of that period. I as disappointed.

    • I’m sorry you feel that way Susan. For myself I was more reading for story content than historical accuracy. I appreciate knowing these facts though. I feel a little bit smarter now knowing that piece of information. Do you have any books along this line that you personally like? I’d love some suggestions. 🙂

      Have a blessed weekend!

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